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sloppy firsts fan community

sloppy firsts
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Fans of Megan McCafferty, especially her book "Sloppy Firsts," and it's sequels.
This is a community for fans of the book Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty.

~a few rules~
-Please stay generally on-topic. Post things that are of interest to the community at large. Off-topic posts will be deleted.
-It's kind to lj-cut anything that might spoil a book for someone who hasn't read it yet. Remember, even someone who hasn't read Sloppy Firsts yet may stumble upon this community. If you don't know how to use lj-cut, read the LiveJournal FAQ.
-Please be nice to each other. If you're unnecessarily mean to another member of this community, you'll be banned.
-Only promote communities that fans of Megan McCafferty would truly want to join.
-For your own sake, do not promote rating communities. The members of this community are not fond of them.

Check out Jessica Darling on myspace, thanks to xwilted_rosex

community owner: violaleeblue (i've had several different LJ names, but i'm still the same Amber)

confused11390 is in charge of community challenges and fun stuff like that.
contest winners: amazing_otter

Please visit the "memories" section, where many entries are archived by subject matter.